Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

Why We Need Holiday Travel Insurance

Is travel insurance worth the additonal expense, or can you get by without it?

It is very easy in the UK to take medical care for granted, with our “cradle to grave” welfare system. Well, that was the idea in the 1940’s, and much has fallen by the wayside, but the NHS soldiers on, providing all of us with a level of health care relatively free of charge.

It needs a slightly different mind-set to appreciate that in many countries healthcare is available only in return for money, and in some cases, lots and lots of money.

Holidaying in Europe can be loosely safeguarded by the Continue reading “Is Travel Insurance Worth It?”

Shopping Online & Security

Shopping Online Today, Securely

Shopping online today is easy, it’s convenient, it can be fun, and it can fit into your lifestyle wherever you want it to.

It certainly has done with many, many people throughout the country, with around three quarters of the population claiming to have shopped online. Recent figures show that for every £5 spent shopping, £1 of it is spent online.

The online retail business is now reckoned in terms of hundreds of billions of pounds, and perhaps unsurprisingly, money like this, attracts the criminal class, and perhaps surprisingly, those criminals are interested in you.

To the cyber-criminal, anyone online is Continue reading “Shopping Online & Security”

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Man

Alcohol of Ages

When, exactly was the dawn of man? Recent archaeological finds indicate that jars, or jugs dating from the stone-age had been used for holding alcohol. That would seem to make the stone-age as good a starting place as any.

What it seems to say, is that alcohol in one form or another has been part of man’s life for an awfully long time, if not all of it.

The earliest indications in the western world, of planned production, can be seen in the lands known as the cradle of civilisation, Mesopotamia, which was the recognised areas between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates.

Here signs that organised viniculture had been established by settled agrarian communities produced wine, and Continue reading “The Relationship Between Alcohol and Man”

Backlink Strategy – Orphan Link Pages

What Is An Orphan Page?

Google use many metrics to apply value to each backlink. One way that they devalue pages created with the sole intention of link building is to discount ‘orphan’ link pages.

If you build a brand new page, for example by creating a new article on a blog or Web 2.0 site, it will have little or no real value because it is an orphan page. It has no links pointing to it.

This part of the Google algorithm is designed to make content marketing for link building less beneficial for webmasters.

If you are going to publish new articles with the aim of linking to your own related content, then you need to also Continue reading “Backlink Strategy – Orphan Link Pages”

The Draining of the Fens

The Draining of the Fens

The Fens was, and in a way, still is as Daniel Defoe described it the “sink of thirteen counties”, being the outlet of four major rivers and many minor. Draining the fens was a major earthworks project.

The main river is the Great Ouse, one of the longest rivers in the country. It carries the silt and sediments along with the watershed, of parts of Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, including Huntingdonshire, Suffolk and Norfolk.

The rivers Witham, Welland and Nene also flow through the Fens.

Prior to the seventeenth century, the Fens were a flat low-lying area of marsh, peat bogs, reed beds and Continue reading “The Draining of the Fens”