Backlink Strategy – Orphan Link Pages

What Is An Orphan Page?

Google use many metrics to apply value to each backlink. One way that they devalue pages created with the sole intention of link building is to discount ‘orphan’ link pages.

If you build a brand new page, for example by creating a new article on a blog or Web 2.0 site, it will have little or no real value because it is an orphan page. It has no links pointing to it.

This part of the Google algorithm is designed to make content marketing for link building less beneficial for webmasters.

If you are going to publish new articles with the aim of linking to your own related content, then you need to also build a few high quality links from quality pages to those articles.

By doing this, your orphan page will gain trust and authority from the backlinks that point to it and in turn the new article page will then pass some of that authority on to your target site.

Powerful Link Pages

Generally speaking, an orphans will either not be indexed or be highlighted as a low quality page, even if it’s on a high quality domain (a WEB 2.0 for example).

Creating a few links, preferably from within other relevant content, on pages that pass related link category will give your orphan pages the power they need to assist your rankings for your main website.

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