Why You Need Copywriting

Why copywriting? Why now?

From brochures to blogs, web pages to white papers, video scripts to marketing emails, copywriting keeps the world of content marketing turning.

Fundamentally, businesses have to articulate their proposition – and because they don’t have all their customers and prospects in a room at once, the written word is the only effective way to do it!

But copywriting has taken on a new importance thanks to the Internet. The words copywriters produce now serve two purposes – to educate, inform, and sell to an audience, sure, but also to attract the attention of the search engines and thus drive prospective customers to websites.

If this sounds clinical, it has actually become anything but. Gone are the days when copywriters would robotically stuff website copy full of keywords to ‘play’ the search engines, because gone are the days when the search engines fell for it!

Instead, today’s search engines have become extremely good at understanding how authoritative, skilled human writers express themselves when they’re writing for other humans.

This means that the art of copywriting is now more important to businesses than ever, because the search engines now have a qualitative understanding of what constitutes well-written content – and copywriting is about producing precisely that.

Furthermore, because longer-form content like brochures and white papers and case studies have also largely migrated from print to electronic form, there is a whole additional arsenal of content that can now be hosted on websites and can attract search engines in much the same way the actual website page content does – provided, of course, that it’s well written for human consumption!

Whichever way you slice it, copywriting is more critical for effective marketing communication now than it has ever been before, as customers, prospects and search engines each develop an ever greater appetite for high-quality content, produced regularly and updated frequently.

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